The White Cockade is the newsletter of the Vancouver Branch. Publication is on the first of September, November, January, March and May. Deadline for submissions is on the 10th of the preceding month. All contributions of photos, letters or articles are welcome. Please send Email Message to the Editor. Electronic copies are available on-line. 

The White Cockade On-line

White Cockade On-line

Articles previously published in The White Cockade

The Nineteenth-Century Manuals The history of “cheat sheets” Originally published in the May 2004 White Cockade.

Dances Honour Scottish Antarctic Hero  William Spiers Bruce, Antarctic explorer Originally published in the May 2003 White Cockade.

Early Balls in Vancouver Originally published in the January 2005 White Cockade.

The Fine Art of Standing Still Standing still can be part of the design

The Great Stretching Debate Beneficial or not?

Joining the Dance FAQs about Scottish Country Dancing. Originally published in the November 1997 White Cockade.

The Language of the Dance Thoughts on the Glossary of Standard Dance Terminology

Phrasing or Covering? Important but different concepts

Tartan Fairy Tales In an ideal SCD world …

The Two-sex Scottish Dancer How frequently and why do local women dance as men? Do some women  have special abilities that enable them to dance on both sides of the dance with equal aplomb? Originally published in the June 2007 White Cockade