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The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Edinburgh, Scotland
The RSCDS site is a good source for links to Branches and Affiliated Clubs throughout the world

Looking for events outside of Vancouver, here are some hints for finding them.
For Events further afield – The Inter-City Scot

British Columbia


RSCDS Calgary Branch
RSCDS Edmonton Caledonian Branch
RSCDS Medicine Hat Branch
Lethbridge Scottish Country Dance Club


RSCDS Saskatchewan Branch


RSCDS Hamilton (Ontario) Branch
RSCDS Kingston (Ontario) Branch
RSCDS Kitchener-Waterloo Branch
RSCDS St. Catharines Branch
RSCDS Toronto Branch
RSCDS Windsor (Ontario) Branch

Other Canadian Branches

RSCDS Winnipeg Branch
RSCDS Montreal Branch
RSCDS St. John’s (Newfoundland) Branch
Teachers Association Canada The TAC, as it is often called, is an association of teachers of Scottish country dancing.

Washington State

RSCDS Seattle Branch Hosts Annual Weekend Workshop at Fort Worden in September
RSCDS Skagit Scottish Country Dancers
Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers

Other US Scottish Dance Groups

RSCDS Portland (Oregon) Branch
RSCDS San Francisco Branch Hosts Annual Weekend Workshop at Asilomar in October
RSCDS New York Branch

Scottish Country Dance and Related Links

  • Andy’s Ceilidh Scottish music with lots of Country Dance music from Andy Ross. Shows are mp3 format and can be downloaded.
  • BBC Radio Scotland “Take the Floor” Listen anytime to Scottish Country Dance music from  the most recent broadcast of Scotland’s longest running radio show.
  • BC Highland Games
  • Celtic Canada A magazine and website with news and stories shared coast to coast.
    The Celtic Connection A Vancouver newspaper devoted to all things Celtic.
  • Celtic Fest Vancouver A non-profit society bringing together the Vancouver Celtic community in an annual festival of celebration.
    Grand Chain A resource for Scottish dancers worldwide, including bands, groups, links, hints and tips,  dances and more for SCD, Highland and Ceilidh dancers.
    Instructions Online from the Donald Collection held at the Central Library in Edinburgh.
    The Inter-City Scot A newsletter of Scottish Country Dance events in North America.
    MINICRIB Briefings for more than 3,000 Scottish Country Dances. Make your own “crib notes” for an upcoming dance.
    Scottish Country Dance CD Index The Scottish Country Dance Index lists, in alphabetical order, all the dances for which the music is available on CD, and the album on which it is to be found.
    Scottish Country Dance Events in Scotland Your webmaster has found this to be a reliable and useful source of information.
    Scottish Country Dancing Instructions Description of the history of Scottish Country Dancing, explanations with diagrams of the common formations, and a glossary of the language used in  describing the dances. From the Bracknell Reel Club (Bracknell, Berkshire, England).
    Scottish Country Dance Figures A brief summary of some of the named figures that are not always explained in descriptions of dances. Figures include: Allemande, Corner Chain, Crown Triangles, Dance to Each Corner and Set, Diagonal Rights and Lefts, Diamond Poussette, Dolphin Reel, Double Triangles, Espagnole, Gates of Edinburgh Reels, Grand Chain (3 couples), Half Turn and Twirl, Hello-Goodbye Setting, Inveran Reel, Knot, La Baratte, Ladies’ Chain, Men’s Chain, Pass and Turn, Petronella, Petronella in Tandem, Poussette (Reel or Jig), Poussette (3-couple), Poussette (Strathspey), Promenade, Rondel, Schiehallion Reel, Set and Link, Set and Link for 3, Set and Rotate, Spoke, Spurtle, Tandem Reel, Targe, Three-couple Rights and Lefts, Tourbillon, Tournée,  Turn Corner, Partner, Corner, Partner
    Scottish Cultural Centre Vancouver
    Scottish Dance Archives From the Central Library, Edinburgh.
    The Strathspey Server A repository of information relating to Scottish country dancing.
  • Tartantown, Coquitlam, For tartans, ghillies and everything Scottish
    Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra Dedicated to providing the very best in Scottish Country Dance Music.
  • Vancouver Police Pipe Band