Dancing in the Park

August 15 – hosted by Gleneagles – Alison Moen

7-9 pm at Ceperley Playground in Stanley Park.

Pay parking is $3.75/hr – please consider arranging car pools.
Access to the park has changed, please check your route on this map, and see the DITP page for more instructions
ParkAccess Map

No dancing if raining at 5pm – check weather apps or call 604.922.6842 or 604.376.6112

Ping  **                                                                  Jig
White Cockade  *                                             Reel
Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch                     Jig
Northern Lights                                    Strathspey
Life on the Ocean Waves **                  Hornpipe
The Mayflower  **                                            Reel
Lass of Richmond Hill                                     Reel
Andrew and Gordon’s Jig *                                Jig
St John River  *                                      Strathspey
Falls of Rogie                                                    Reel
It’s Not Rocket Science *                                   Jig
Extra: Rothesay Rant                                      Reel
** really easy         * fairly easy

Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch video                              Aug 15 Dance Notes


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