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Scottish dancing in the valley – Stirling Scottish Dancers

We are offering you a fun and educational experience in traditional Highland and Scottish Country dancing. We are a non-competitive dance school which focuses on individual finesse,progression in skill and teamwork building amongst the dance troupe.

LEVEL 1 (AGES 4-7)
Start your dancing career here! Intended for beginners age 4-7, here, dancers will focus on their strength, flexibility, and barre technique to create a strong foundation. Doing this allows for ease in mastering formations and dances later on. Students will begin to learn basic dances to get familiar with the tunes and beats.

LEVEL 2 (AGES 8-11)
Now that the basics have been covered, this is the time to work through more difficult dances, as wells as refine country dance skills. Warm-ups and cool-downs will help to improve stamina, flexibility, and muscle control.

By this point, dancers have their basic repertoire of dances. Progression through medal tests is well underway, and a look at taking theory lessons to help technique should be considered. Dancers will start working on larger group numbers to focus on teamwork and expand the amount of dances for performances.




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