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Jean Wagstaff was presented with a RSCDS Branch Award by Chair, Gerry Stensgaard, on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at Vancouver’s Golden Jubilee Ball. Fran Caruth’s below nomination says it all. Congratulations Jean!

“For almost forty years, Jean Wagstaff has been making exceptional and valued contributions to the Vancouver Branch and its members. In her quiet but always positive way, Jean has danced; she has taught; she has made kilts for our men; she has cheered and supported; she has organized; she has been a member of the Branch Board (1988-90); she has been the Vancouver TAC representative; she has catered and decorated for innumerable social events. Now is the time for the Vancouver Branch to say “Thank You. We value you and all that you do for us”.

Jean was introduced to SCD as a school girl in Scotland and her dedicated adult career as a dancer started when she came to Vancouver in the mid-sixties . She started dancing at the Glenayre Club in 1977. Over the years Jean has danced in many classes, most regularly with the Delta and Glenayre Clubs and often at the Branch. She has been a strong supporter of the all the Vancouver area club events, attending many, many social dances throughout the year.

Jean received her full certificate as a teacher in Vancouver in 1991 under the tutelage of Mary Murray and George Will, having taken her Preliminary Certificate in St. Andrews in 1989. After completing her training as a teacher, Jean taught the Beginner Class at the Branch for several years. Since 2001, she has been the lead teacher for the Glenayre club; Jean has also taught regularly for the Branch Programme class and she has conducted workshops in Terrace and Kamloops.

Jean’s other major and important contributions to Scottish Country Dancing and the activities of the Vancouver Branch have been those quietly made, to Branch programmes and Special Events.

As a major supporter of the teacher training program (2009 – 2015), Jean has nurtured the candidates, arranged “stooges” for their teaching practice and provided teaching opportunities for the candidates at her Glenayre classes.  Further, she has consistently provided refreshments and goodies to help sustain participant’s energies during long training sessions.

Jean has co-chaired  the Love to Dance Workshop, (2011 – 2015) sharing in the organization and decision making of the workshop, the scheduling, the faculty appointments, catering and anything else that needed doing.

As coordinator of dancers for the Highland Games mass dancing each year, Jean has worked to ensure that there are a good number of dancers to entertain and advertise the joys of Scottish Country Dancing at the Games. When the dancing is over, Jean can very often be found manning the RSCDS Booth out on the field. She contributes tirelessly.

Jean has provided leadership and helped with so many social functions over the years, it is not possible to chronicle them all.  She quite simply knows how to “get things done”. Whether it’s a small social or a grand ball, Jean ensures that everything is done well and runs smoothly. Most recently, she has chaired the 50th Anniversary Committee, organizing a year long series of dance program enhancements to honour this very special year – the Vancouver Branch’s 50th Anniversary.

Jean’s support for the Vancouver Branch and for Scottish Country Dancing in general has been and continues to be very significant. She is a most fitting candidate for a Branch Award.”

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