The Vancouver Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1964, although Scottish country dance clubs had been active in Vancouver since the 1930s. Our Branch has over 250 members, some of whom dance at classes organized by the Branch, others at clubs in and around the Vancouver area or further afield.

The objective of the Branch is to teach you the basics, so that you may travel to another club or attend any social or workshop across Canada, the USA, or overseas, and feel comfortable in doing so. RSCDS dancers all over the world are being taught the same steps and formations.

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in Edinburgh in 1923. From its earliest days, the Society has sought to promote, preserve, and to maintain the standards set by its founders. In addition, the RSCDS has always been anxious to emphasize the social character of Scottish country dancing, offering plenty of opportunity for fun, friendship and fitness.

Scottish country dancing in Vancouver had a remarkably early start, only a few years after the revival led by Ysobel Stewart and Jean Milligan in Scotland. A Brief History of Scottish Country Dancing in Vancouver

Scottish Country Dancing in Vancouver – A Detailed History – see below


Rosemary Coupe’s book is a wonderful detailed history of Scottish Country Dancing in Vancouver from its start in 1930 to 2015.


SCD in Vcr prelim pages Jan 4 2022

SCD in Vcr main pages Jan 7 2022




There are many people who played significant roles in the development of the Vancouver Branch.  Here are a few of those individuals (histories by Rosemary Coupe):

saltire Mrs. Thomas Bingham
saltire Mary Shoolbraid Brandon
saltire Pearl Holmberg
saltire Mary Isdale MacNab
englandflagHugh Thurston
canadaflagMary Wattum

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